Fed up with mowing the lawn?

Astroturf has come on a long way in recent years, and become extremely popular with lots of options.  One obvious benefit of installing artificial turf is that you will no longer need to mow the lawn!

We have a highly skilled team who can transform your Essex property, perfect for children so they can enjoy your garden all year round. With great drainage and a wonderful soft finish, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to have artificial grass.

We install artificial grass lawns in Chelmsford, Billericay, Shenfield and surrounding areas.

Installing your artificial turf

The steps required to install your artificial grass will depend on the surface, but a typical installation will include the following steps.

Step 1: Remove the old lawn and topsoil, and then even the the area out where the new artificial grass will be fitted , disposing of the old turf and topsoil.

Step 2: In cases where there’s no edging, we use timber battens to form the edging. This will keep the base material in shape, and secure the artificial grass into place. The timber used is high quality tanalised timber that is fully weather proof.

Step 3: The next step we do its install a MOT stone base all over the area where the artificial grass will be installed. We then whack the stone down into the ground using a compactor plate. The stone not only acts as a good base for the grass but it also works as an underground drainage system, allowing water to easily drain frew the grass and into the ground. This help reduce the buildup of water and puddles on your new lawn.

Step 4: We then apply an even layer of sharp sand on top of the stone base and compact it down using the compactor plate. We then even this out using a wooden beam if needed, and brush away any excess sand.

Step 5: Then we cover the area with a weed membrane to prevent weed growth, this is then cut and secured into place using pins.

Step 6: The next step we do is carefully layout the artificial grass over the prepared surface ready for cutting. Then we ensure its level and free from ripples. We then use specialist cutting blades to cut the grass to size.

Step 7: The artificial grass comes in 2 meter and 4 meter wide rolls,  If the area is large and a joint is required we would carefully join the artificial grass together using artificial grass joining tape, artificial grass adhesive / glue and U shaped pegs.

Step 8: The artificial grass is then secured into place using artificial grass U shape pegs and pins, If tanalised timber edging has been used we will staple the grass onto the battens.

Step 9: Your artificial grass may be looking a bit flat from being rolled up so we will brush your artificial grass into shape. We will then clean away any mess, and dispose of any off cuts.

Step 10: The job is now complete and we will present you with your completion pack including care and maintenance instructions and your 5 year guarantee.

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